Day: June 4, 2020

Nine Tricks That Casinos Use To Make You Spend More Money

In face-to-face casinos, everything is thought to the millimeter; nothing is set by chance. Everything is strategically arranged so that players spend เกมส์สล็อต as much time as possible and spend more money. And although currently, a high percentage of users who decide to play 711 kelab Thai online, there are still many players who go to a physical casino and try their luck.

The chips

In any casino in the world, the first thing you should do when entering is to change the money for chips. So any bet you want to make must be made with the casino’s own chips. The main reason why you don’t bet with real money is because of the perception you have when playing with chips. The chips give the feeling that it is a game and that you are not betting real money.

Another interesting aspect to take into account is the size of the chips.

Free alcoholic beverages

Some casinos offer their customers free or very cheap food and alcoholic beverages. Drinking alcohol and knowing how to say “no” is the sole responsibility of the player. As we have said in other articles, keeping a cool head is important. A few more glasses will make the player not reason objectively, and he may lose his real objective and start betting uncontrollably.

Loyalty programs

These loyalty programs used by casinos make customers spend a lot of money. And it gives a false feeling that when you lose money, you are earning it. Some casinos allow you to accumulate points every time you acquire chips. So when you have already spent the budget, you can continue playing with the accumulated points or exchange them for free gifts, meals or accommodation. The problem is that to get such a prize, and you have to spend a lot of money first.

There is no word time 

Some players may lose track of time by going to a live casino. And it is that in casinos there are no windows if there are they do not face the street, nor are there clocks. It is a psychological topic and very studied by casinos. What the business of chance is looking for is that the player believes that time does not pass, that you do not know if it is day or night and that you continue betting.


The comfort aspect is closely related to the previous point, time. Many casinos want its customers to feel comfortable, relaxed, and calm, and that their only concern is to bet and play longer. For this, they take care of every last detail.

In the case of lighting, have you noticed that it is always the same regardless of the time? The atmosphere that is created is pleasant, with soft and bright lights. The same is the case with music, and in psychology, fast music is associated with instant decision making. And that is what they are looking for, fast bets, more money spent. Nothing can interfere with the game. They also take into account rest areas. For this, they put comfortable sofas.

Infinite maze

The design of the casino is confusing, and some believe that they are real mazes. In casinos, everything is strategically located to attract the attention of the players and that before reaching the destination, they have to make one or more stops. The more stops are made, the more money is spent. In fact, one of the basic strategies of the casino is to place machines at the forks or near the exits to try to dissuade those who want to leave.


The location of the sinks is not accidental and is thought out in millimeters. And is that if a customer wants to go to the bathroom, they must visit virtually the entire casino. So maybe before accessing the bathroom, you decide to stop and take a game.

Game tables

Professional players tend to choose tables where there are quite a few players. The main reason is that the more people play at the same table, the more time the player has to think and be able to decide his bet. That is, the game is slower. On the other hand, at tables with few players, the games are faster. And the player can spend more money.

Lucky players

In any casino in the world, there are always one or more players to whom fortune smiles. This is one of the biggest incentives that a player has to keep betting. And is that knowing that there is someone who has won an award, encourages you to play and think “if he has won, I can too.”

These are some of the tricks that casinos use to make you spend more money.